Product Description

Biofos is a feed grade monocalcium phosphate. It is produced by reacting calcium carbonate with wet process defluorinated phosphoric acid. It is a source of highly available phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca) that will help meet animal and poultry requirements for these essential nutrients.


  • BIOFOS is high in phosphorus content. Its guaranteed minimum 21% P provides flexibility and economy in formulations.
  • BIOFOS means high biologival availability. Its monocalcium phosphate content and high solubility ensure its superior biological value.
  • BIOFOS gas a narrow calcium to phosphorus ratio.
  • BIOFOS's outstanding physical qualities provide for ease of handling and uniform dispersion in mied feeds and minerals.
  • BIOFOS provides maximum economy per unit of biologically available phosphorus.
  • BIOFOS is available by rail, truck or vessel in bulk or in 50lb. (22.7kg) multi-wall moisture proof
  • bags.


50 KG.