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The truth about Artichoke and Silimaryn?

The use of plant extracts like Artichoke (Bedgen 40) and Sylimarin have gained a wide acceptance of use in poultry and livestock farms, to improve the performance capacity of the animals by improving liver health and gut function. Nowadays the phytochemicals present in these plant extracts can be identified and standardize to achieve the desired quality and efficacy at all times. But not all plant extracts can elicit the same effect as others claimed it to be, in an experiment on the Effect of Cynara extract (Artichoke extract in Bedgen 40) and Silybum marianum (Silymarin) On Bile Production in Pigs conducted by Prof. Alejandro Soraci Artichoke extract stimulates bile production and secretion while sylimarin does not attained the same effect in pigs.

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