We grow animals the NEEEP way.  Natural. Economical. Efficient. Environment-friendly. Profitable.

For more than 20 years, NEEEP way of growing animals is second nature to us. We assure the safety and quality of meat, milk and eggs that come from the poultry and livestock fed and supplemented with our products that have passed high standards of quality control.

Who We Are

Animal Care Eco-System, Inc. (ACES) has been in the animal industry for more than two decades now. ACES knows the needs of the animals, knows the interests of our clients, knows the demands of the people who partake of the animal products, and knows the importance of protecting the environment. ACES only distributes products that meet the company’s self-imposed criteria of the NEEEP way.

ACES is the exclusive distributor in the Philippines of several foreign suppliers of animal health products around the world.

Pacific Vet Group, Inc. (PVG) was incorporated in 1998 in order to give focus to the distribution of high quality feed ingredients to farms and feedmills. PVG is the sole distributor of BIOFOS® (Monocalcium Phosphate) and is a member of Pacific Vet Group operating in the Asia-Pacific Region.

ACES and PVG are there from the start to finish of the animal production cycle bringing the best quality products right into your farms and feedmills.

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