PVG TABS: Don’t let the summer season slow your flock down!

PVG TABS: Effervescent Multivitamin and Electrolyte Tabs

Poultry, whether they are broilers, layers or turkeys, excels in a temperature range between 10 to 27°C (Gyawali, 2020). In the Philippines, a tropical country with an average annual temperature of 26.6°C, achieving the optimum rearing temperature is an added challenge, especially during the summer months wherein the warmest month occurs in May with a mean temperature of 28.3°C (PAGASA-DOST, 2020). In a study by Nillipour and Melog, (1999) when environmental temperature increased above 30°C, birds were observed to have an increase in respiration rate or panting, eventually leading to disruption in the plasma pH and plasma bicarbonate levels leading to a condition known as respiratory alkalosis – leading to a decrease in production performance.

  • Negative effects of heat stress to poultry
    • Broilers- reduced feed intake, growth rate, feed conversion, survivability, dressing yield, breast meat and total meat and increased abdominal fat are the immediate consequences in a hot and humid environment (Geraert, 1998)
    • Layers- adversely influences feed intake, reproductive and laying performance, economical traits and decrease overall health of laying hens (Blem, 2000)


  • Maintenance of heat stress at the farm level
    • Management – mechanical and behavioural changes (stocking density, ventilation, feeding patterns, etc)
    • Nutritional - because of being practical, nutritional manipulation with its low cost is a common approach in poultry production
      • Dietary vitamin (Moreng, 1980) may contribute to well-being and survival
      • In addition, drinking water may contain electrolyte solutions to provide the electrolytes and adjust the acid-base balance (Gyawali, 2020)


PVG TABS: A balanced tropical formulation of essential vitamins & electrolytes in EFFERVESCENT TABLET FORM for EASY ADMINISTRATION to farm animals to supplement their needs

  • Designed for flocks under stress
  • High potency vitamins with electrolytes
  • Adjustable dosage schedule
  • Unique effervescent action

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